extracts file descriptor information from a multi handle


function fb_curl_multi_fdset(
  resource $mh,
  mixed &$read_fd_set,
  mixed &$write_fd_set,
  mixed &$exc_fd_set,
  ?int &$max_fd = null,
): mixed;


  • resource $mh - A cURL multi handle returned by curl_multi_init().
  • array& &$read_fd_set - read set
  • array& &$write_fd_set - write set
  • array& &$exc_fd_set - exception set
  • int& &$max_fd = null - If no file descriptors are set, $max_fd will contain -1. Otherwise it will contain the higher descriptor number.

Return Values

  • mixed - - Returns 0 on success, or one of the CURLM_XXX errors code.