Typecheck the currently running endpoint with a given hh_client

namespace HH\Client;

function typecheck(
  string $client_name = 'hh_client',
): TypecheckResult;

Does some caching to hopefully be pretty cheap to call, especially when there are no errors and the code isn't changing. Relies on hh_server to poke a stamp file to say "something has changed" to invalidate our cache.

TODO Areas for future improvement:

  • Key the cache by endpoint/hhconfig location, so that we correctly support more than one project per HHVM instance.
  • Populate the cache separately from this function, so that typecheck_and_error can have a hot path that just checks "is the world clean" without paying the apc_fetch deserialization cost (which is most of the cost of this function, if I'm benchmarking correctly).
  • Storing an array (instead of an object) in APC might be faster, due to the way I think HHVM can optimize COW arrays.


  • string $client_name = 'hh_client'


  • TypecheckResult