DEPRECATED: Use HH\Facts\extract() instead!

namespace HH;

function facts_parse(
  ?string $root,
  varray<string> $pathList,
  bool $allowHipHopSyntax,
  bool $useThreads,
): darray<string, ?darray<string, mixed>>;

Read a set of HH/PHP files and quickly extract the main features aka. "Facts" about their contents. Compared to require'ing a source file this is much faster and doesn't cause excessive memory consumption as compiled results are not kept around.

The intended use of this data is to gather info about a large number of source files to perform queries about a codebase as a whole. For example this can be used to make an autoloader or perform reflection queries of the form "find all classes in a source tree which match pattern XYZ" etc.

The useThreads argument specifies whether to use a number of worker threads equal to the number of system CPU cores for parsing. This feature should only be used as part of warm-up operations and not on a running system which may have a high CPU load with new/in-flight requests.

The allowHipHopSyntax argument enables HH syntax in all files parsed. By default only files starting with <?hh may have HH syntax.

Each pathList item will map to one result entry in the returned array. If there were any errors when parsing a file the result entry for that file will be null, otherwise a result will be of the form:

array( 'sha1sum' => SHA1 Hash of source text, 'types' => details of 'types' in the file (traits/classes/interfaces) array( array( 'name' => string name of this 'type', 'kindOf' => string = 'class'|'interface'|'enum'|'trait'|'unknown'|'mixed', 'baseTypes' => array(string) of base 'types' for this type, 'flags' => integer with combination of flags from FactParseFlags, 'requireImplements' => array(string) of interfaces users of this trait must implement (only present when kindOf = trait). 'requireExtends' => array(string) of classes which users of this trait or interface must extend (only present when kindOf = trait | interface) ), array( 'name' => string, 'baseTypes' => array(string), ), ... ), 'constants' => array(string) constants defined in this file, 'functions' => array(string) functions defined in this file, 'typeAliases' => array(string) type aliases defined in this file, )

pathList items which are not absolute are joined with a non-null "root" argument.