Get a specific edge (pointer) from the heap graph

namespace HH;

function heapgraph_edge(
  resource $heapgraph,
  int $index,
): darray<string, mixed>;


  • resource $heapgraph - The resource obtained with heapgraph_create
  • int $index - The edge index


  • array<string, - mixed> The requested edge, with these fields:

index the edge id == $index kind Counted, Implicit, or Ambiguous from node id owning the pointer to node id of the node pointed to

If the from node is an array: key num; this pointer is the num'th key in iterator order (0..) value num; pointer is the num'th value in iter order

if the from node is an object: prop declared property name of the pointer

optionally, the pointer may be unclassified, but with a known offset: offset byte-offset of the pointer within the from node.