Specify a map containing autoload data

namespace HH;

function autoload_set_paths(
  KeyedContainer<string, KeyedContainer<string, string>> $map,
  string $root,
): bool;

The map has the form:

 array('class'    => array('cls' => 'cls_file.php', ...),
       'function' => array('fun' => 'fun_file.php', ...),
       'constant' => array('con' => 'con_file.php', ...),
       'type'     => array('type' => 'type_file.php', ...),
       'failure'  => callable);

If the 'failure' element exists, it will be called if the lookup in the map fails, or the file cant be included. It takes a kind ('class', 'function' or 'constant') and the name of the entity we're trying to autoload.

If $root is non empty, it is prepended to every filename.



  • Boolean - TRUE if successful, FALSE otherwise.