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This is available as Str\search_last in the www repository.

Returns the last position of the "needle" string in the "haystack" string, or null if it isn't found

namespace HH\Lib\Str;

function search_last(
  string $haystack,
  string $needle,
  int $offset = 0,
): ?int;

An optional offset determines where in the haystack (from the beginning) the search begins. If the offset is negative, the search will begin that many characters from the end of the string and go backwards. If the offset is out-of-bounds, a ViolationException will be thrown.

  • To simply check if the haystack contains the needle, see Str\contains().
  • To get the first position of the needle, see Str\search().

Previously known in PHP as strrpos.



  • string $haystack
  • string $needle
  • int $offset = 0


  • ?int