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This is available as Regex\first_match in the www repository.

Returns the first match found in $haystack given the regex pattern $pattern and an optional offset at which to start the search

namespace HH\Lib\Regex;

function first_match<T as Match>(
  string $haystack,
  Pattern<T> $pattern,
  int $offset = 0,
): ?T;

The regex pattern follows the PCRE library: https://www.pcre.org/original/doc/html/pcresyntax.html.

Throws InvariantException if $offset is not within plus/minus the length of $haystack. Returns null if there is no match, or a Match containing

  • the entire matching string, at key 0,
  • the results of unnamed capture groups, at integer keys corresponding to the groups' occurrence within the pattern, and
  • the results of named capture groups, at string keys matching their respective names.



  • string $haystack
  • Pattern<T> $pattern
  • int $offset = 0


  • ?T