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This is available as File\temporary_file in the www repository.

Create a new temporary file

namespace HH\Lib\File;

function temporary_file(
  string $prefix = 'hack-tmp-',
  string $suffix = '',
): TemporaryFile;

The file is automatically deleted when the disposable is removed.

  • If the prefix starts with ., it is interpreted relative to the current working directory.
  • If the prefix statis with /, it is treated as an absolute path.
  • Otherwise, it is created in the system temporary directory.

Regardless of the kind of prefix, the parent directory must exist.

A suffix can optionally be provided; this is useful when you need a particular filename extension; for example, File\temporary_file('foo', '.txt') may create /tmp/foo123456.txt.

The temporary file:

  • will be a new file (i.e. O_CREAT | O_EXCL)
  • be owned by the current user
  • be created with mode 0600
  • will be automatically deleted when the object is disposed


  • string $prefix = 'hack-tmp-'
  • string $suffix = ''