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This is available as Legacy_FIXME\split_with_possibly_negative_limit in the www repository.

Str\split(), with old behavior for negative limits

namespace HH\Lib\Legacy_FIXME;

function split_with_possibly_negative_limit(
  string $string,
  string $delimiter,
  ?int $limit = NULL,
): vec<string>;

Str\split() now consistently bans negative limits.

Previously, negative limits were banned if the delimiter were the empty string, but other delimiters would lead to truncation - unlike positive limits, which lead to concatenation.

For example:

Str\split('a!b!c', '!') === vec['a', 'b', c'] Str\split('a!b!c', '!', 2) === vec['a', 'b!c'] Str\split('a!b!c', '!', -1) === vec['a', 'b']

This function reimplements this old behavior; Str\split() will now consistently throw on negative limits.


  • string $string
  • string $delimiter
  • ?int $limit = NULL


  • vec<string>