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This is available as Str\replace_every_nonrecursive_l in the www repository.

Returns the "haystack" string with all occurrences of the keys of $replacements replaced by the corresponding values

namespace HH\Lib\Str;

function replace_every_nonrecursive_l(
  \HH\Lib\Locale\Locale $locale,
  string $haystack,
  KeyedContainer<string, string> $replacements,
): string;

Once a substring has been replaced, its new value will not be searched again.

Strings will be normalized for comparison in encodings that support multiple representations, such as UTF-8.

If there are multiple overlapping matches, the match occuring earlier in $haystack takes precedence. If a replacer is a prefix of another (like "car" and "carpet"), the longer one (carpet) takes precedence. The ordering of $replacements therefore doesn't matter.




  • string