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This is available as Str\compare_ci_l in the www repository.

Returns < 0 if $string1 is less than $string2, > 0 if $string1 is greater than $string2, and 0 if they are equal (case-insensitive)

namespace HH\Lib\Str;

function compare_ci_l(
  \HH\Lib\Locale\Locale $locale,
  string $string1,
  string $string2,
): int;

For a case-sensitive comparison, see Str\compare_l().

Locale-specific collation and case-sensitivity rules will be used. For example, case-insensitive comparisons between i, I, ı, and İ vary by locale.


  • \HH\Lib\Locale\Locale $locale
  • string $string1
  • string $string2


  • int