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This is available as Math\abs in the www repository.

Returns the absolute value of $number ($number if $number > 0, -$number if $number < 0)

namespace HH\Lib\Math;

function abs<T as num>(
  T $number,
): T;

NB: for the smallest representable int, PHP_INT_MIN, the result is "implementation-defined" because the corresponding positive number overflows int. You will probably find that Math\abs(PHP_INT_MIN) === PHP_INT_MIN, meaning the function can return a negative result in that case. To ensure an int is non-negative for hashing use $v & PHP_INT_MAX instead.


  • T $number


  • T


$negative_number = -25;
$negative_number_abs = Math\abs($negative_number);
echo "Negative test - before: $negative_number after: $negative_number_abs \n";

$positive_number = 25;
$positive_number_abs = Math\abs($positive_number);
echo "Positive test - before: $positive_number after: $positive_number_abs \n";