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This is available as C\last_keyx in the www repository.

Returns the last key of the given KeyedTraversable, or throws if the KeyedTraversable is empty

namespace HH\Lib\C;

function last_keyx<Tk, Tv>(
  KeyedTraversable<Tk, Tv> $traversable,
): Tk;

For possibly empty Traversables, see C\last_key.

Time complexity: O(1) if $traversable is a Container, O(n) otherwise. Space complexity: O(1)



  • Tk


$dict = dict["key_1" => "a", "key_2" => "b", "key_3" => "c"];
$last_keyx_result_1 = C\last_keyx($dict);
echo "First last keyx result: $last_keyx_result_1\n";
//Output: First last keyx result: key_3

$empty_dict = dict[];
$last_keyx_result_2 = C\last_keyx($empty_dict);
//Output: Hit a php exception : exception 'InvariantViolationException' with message
//'HH\Lib\C\last_keyx: Expected at least one element.'