Typechecker: Install

There are two ways to get the typechecker: automatically when you install HHVM or by compiling it.

Installed with HHVM

The Hack typechecker is installed automatically when you install HHVM via one of our official packages. The typechecker client is generally installed at /usr/bin/hh_client while the typechecker server is generally installed at /usr/bin/hh_server.

Building from Source

The Hack typechecker source code is part of the HHVM source code. If you follow the documentation for building HHVM from source, the typechecker will be built too.

The built-from-source version of the typechecker will be located at <HHVM source root>/hphp/hack/bin/hh_client and <HHVM source root>/hphp/hack/bin/hh_server.

If for some reason you need to build just the typechecker, and not all of HHVM, instead of running make to build everything, you can run make hack to just build the typechecker. This isn't recommended, since you'll need HHVM anyways in order to actually run any code!

Windows Support

The typechecker has a port in progress for Windows. When it's complete, it might make local development on Windows slightly less annoying until HHVM's Windows port is fully complete, since you will be able to typecheck Hack code locally, outside of the Linux VM HHVM must run in.