Expressions And Operators: Pipe

The binary pipe operator, |>, evaluates the result of a left-hand expression and stores the result in $$, the pre-defined pipe variable. The right-hand expression must contain at least one occurrence of $$.

Basic Usage

With the pipe operator, you can chain function calls, as shown in the code below.

$x = vec[2,1,3]
  |> Vec\map($$, $a ==> $a * $a) // $$ with value vec[2,1,3]
  |> Vec\sort($$); // $$ with value vec[4,1,9]

Written in another way, the code above is syntactically equivalent to:

Vec\sort(Vec\map(vec[2, 1, 3], $a ==> $a * $a)); // Evaluates to vec[1,4,9]

Await and the Binary Pipe

Await cannot be used as an expression to the right of the pipe operator.

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