Contributing: Information Macros

This website supports note, tip, caution, and danger macro messages.

Note Message

Note: This change was introduced in HHVM 4.136.

The noreturn type can be upcasted to dynamic.

Tip Message

Tip: To start learning Hack, read our Getting Started documentation!

Hack lets you write code quickly, while also having safety features built in, like static type checking.

Caution Message

Caution: We do not recommend using experimental features until they are formally announced and integrated into the main documentation set.

This website maintains documentation on Hack features that are in the experimental phase.

Warning Message

Warning: Use this method with caution. If your query contains ANY unescaped input, you are putting your database at risk.

While inherently dangerous, you can use AsyncMysqlConnection::query to query a MySQL database client.

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