Expressions And Operators: Nameof

An expression to get the name of a class as a string, replacement for ::class expressions in string positions.


class C {}
function expect_string(string $s): void {}
function test(): void {
    expect_string(nameof C);
    $d = dict[];
    $d[nameof C] = 4;

Full Example

nameof supports direct class names, traits and interfaces, enums, and type aliases. It also supports the special class identifiers self, static, and parent where they are valid.

class B {}
class C extends B {}
trait T {
    require extends B;
    public static function f(): void {
        var_dump(nameof T); // "T"
        var_dump(nameof self); // "D" (user of trait)
        var_dump(nameof parent); // "C" (parent of trait user, not B)
        var_dump(nameof static); // "E", receiver for ::f() in main
class D extends C { use T; }
class E extends D {}

function main(): void {

The type of a nameof Target expression is classname<Target> and typename<Target> when Target is a type alias. Reified generics are not supported targets for nameof.

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