Packages: Introduction

Packages are an extension to modules for HHVM and Hack which allows developers to more easily configure which files to build and deploy.

Package definitions

A package is defined by a set of modules meant to be deployed together. Packages are configured in a toml file called PACKAGES.toml located at the root of your codebase (next to .hhconfig).


uses=["prod.*", "my_prod"] # Package contains all modules that start with `prod`, and the module "my_prod".

includes=["production"] # Package depends on the production package

Every module can be in at most one package, so the same module cannot be part of two packages. Therefore, the same glob cannot appear in the uses clause of two different modules.

Overlaps in module globs

  • It is an error for the same module glob to appear in multiple package definitions. Given a module with name, we resolve what package the module belongs to with the following precedence:
  • If a package lists directly in its use clause, belongs to that package. If multiple packages list directly, we throw an error at package definition.
  • If no package directly references the module, but a package has a prefix which matches (in this case, foo.* for example), belongs to the package with that prefix. If multiple packages list a prefix of the module, we take the most specific prefix, i.e. the longest prefix that matches.
  • If no package references the module in its use clause, the module belongs to the default package.

Once you've defined a set of packages, you can deploy them using deployments.

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