Tools: Introduction

In addition to the language itself, Hack provides programmers a wide set of tools for. Using hh_client for typechecking and inspecting your codebase is most likely to be your most used tool. However, there are other tools used to help you make the most out of Hack

  • adding type annotations to your code and quick type checking (hh_server)
  • migrating PHP code to Hack (hackificator)

If you installed HHVM from a package, you can generally find these tools in your /usr/bin or whatever binary directory executables get installed on your distro.

If you built HHVM from source, you can find the tools most likely in hphp/hack/bin.

By using these tools, you can more easily create new, type-safe Hack code, as well as slowly migrate any existing code to enable the benefits of Hack.