Attributes: Syntax

Attributes can be placed on any reflectable piece of code. These include:

  • Functions
  • Methods
  • Classes
  • Interfaces
  • Traits

Attributes are enclosed within << and >>. Multiple attributes can be enclosed within the same set of brackets. And each attribute has a key and an optional set of comma-separated values.

Official Syntax

<<key[(value 1,...,value N)][..., key[(value 1,...,value N)]]>>

Examples of Syntax

function foo() {}
class A {}
<<FirstAttribute('Good', 'Afternoon'), SecondAttribute, ThirdAttribute('2')>>
trait B {}

Special Attributes

Attributes starting with __ are special attributes reserved by the typechecker and HHVM. Custom attributes cannot start with __.

Attribute Access

You access an attribute using getAttribute() on ReflectionClass, ReflectionFunction, etc. Just pass the key to the attribute to getAttribute() to receive its array of values.