Installation: Release Schedule

We aim to release a new stable version of HHVM every 8 weeks on Mondays. The branch for a particular release is cut on the Monday 14 days prior to that and then rigorously tested. It might be delayed if there are any issues found during testing or we are otherwise not confident in the releases. Point releases will be done as needed for major bugs.


We offer "long term support" (LTS) for every third releases - so roughly twice a year. These are supported through the next 6 releases, so roughly 48 weeks. This means that there are 2 supported LTS versions at any time. Non-LTS releases are supported until the next release comes out, so only for approximately for 8 weeks each.

Supported Releases

Version LTS Release Date Expected End Of Support
3.29 No 2018-10-22 2018-11-05
3.27 Yes 2018-06-18 2019-09-05
3.24 Yes 2018-01-16 2018-12-17

Future Releases

Version LTS Branch Cut Date Expected Release Date Expected End Of Support
3.30 Yes 2018-12-03 2018-12-17 2019-11-19
3.31/4.0 No 2019-01-28 2019-02-11 2019-04-08

Unsupported Releases

All versions not listed above are unsupported; support for the following releases has ended recently:

Version LTS Release Date End Of Support
3.28 No 2018-08-28 2018-10-22
3.26 No 2018-05-07 2018-07-02
3.21 Yes 2017-08-02 2018-07-02