Installation: Docker

We publish Docker images to Docker Hub. These can be used to install HHVM in a containerized environment. If you are new to Docker follow their getting started guide to learn more. All of our images are available here (including one for this doc site). To get you started, here are a couple examples:

Running HHVM Scripts

docker pull hhvm/hhvm
docker run --tty --interactive hhvm/hhvm:latest /bin/bash -l
hhvm --version

Building a Docker Image for a Website

Start by creating the following files and folders in a directory:


FROM hhvm/hhvm-proxygen:latest

RUN rm -rf /var/www
ADD . /var/www



echo "Hello World!";

Now in a shell run:

docker build .
docker run -p <Replace With The Hash Identifying The Build>

You should now have a running web server hosting the index.php script visit http://localhost/ to check it out. To shut it down run:

docker ps
docker stop <The CONTAINER ID shown in the output from docker ps>

Checkout the setup for this docsite on github to see how this might scale.