Basic Usage: Command Line

In command-line (cli) mode, you run the hhvm binary from the command-line, execute the script and then exit HHVM immediately when the script completes.

Here is an example of how to run a script in HHVM cli mode. Take the following Hack script:

function fibonacci(int $number): int {
  return \intval(\round(\pow((\sqrt(5.0) + 1) / 2, $number) / \sqrt(5.0)));

function main(): void {
  $n = (int) (vec(\HH\global_get('argv') as Container<_>)[1] ?? 10);
  echo 'The '.
    ' number in fibonacci is: '.

At the command-line, you would execute the script as follows:

$ hhvm /path/to/fib.hack 10

You specify the hhvm binary, the path to fib.hack and an argument to the script (arguments to scripts do not exist in all cases, of course).

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