Advanced Usage: Introduction

Normally, after installing HHVM, you can use the defaults provided to run Hack code or run HHVM as a server.

While a majority of the time you will not need to tweak the default settings or use the more advanced modes available with HHVM, they are available:

  • Repo Authoritative mode allows you to compile your entire codebase into one unit, allowing for HHVM to perform highly aggressive optimizations to make your code run quickly.
  • Daemon mode allows you to run HHVM as a background process.
  • The admin server allows you to monitor HHVM as it is running in server mode.
  • FastCGI is another server type for HHVM that is highly configurable and fast, but requires a separate web server on top of it.

Custom Configuration

There are also a plethora of custom configuration options that you can set to tweak how HHVM operates when running scripts or running as a server.

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