Installation: Mac

Caution: HHVM will no longer support homebrew on MacOS going forward. For more information, see Stopping MacOS Homebrew Support.

We have limited support for installing HHVM on MacOS via Homebrew:

brew tap hhvm/hhvm
brew install hhvm

This will install binary packages on recent versions of MacOS (as of 2019-03-12, this means Mojave and High Sierra). If binary packages are not available (or you pass --build-from-source), building will take between 20 minutes on a Mac Pro, to several hours on a MacBook Air.

Several other packages are available:

  • brew install hhvm-nightly: installs the most recent nightly build
  • brew install hhvm-VERSION: install a specific x.y version; for example, brew install hhvm-4.56 or brew install hhvm-4.32

You can also manually build from source.

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